“Epitome of perfect customer service”

Evergreen DCU Acting Manager Mike Holguin with Supervisors Kennedy Baily and Mark Murray.

Evergreen DCU Acting Manager Mike Holguin with Supervisors Kennedy Baily and Mark Murray.

When customers Rod and Patti recently had difficulty opening their mailbox, the problem was a highly concerning one. The couple had been expecting important medical and insurance documents in the mail related to Patti’s upcoming brain surgery and needed immediate access. While Rod’s key fit into the mailbox lock, it refused to turn and grant access to the box’s contents.

Rod visited the Hillsboro, OR, Beaverton Evergreen Detached Carrier Unit early the next morning for help with his box. Acting Manager Mike Holguin realized the severity of the situation and drove to the couple’s home to render aid.

“Mr. Holguin immediately recognized the uniqueness of my situation and, without hesitation, offered to meet me at our mailbox and do whatever was necessary to solve the problem,” said Rod. “Shortly after I returned home, Mr. Holguin arrived and quickly determined that the lock’s latch had been blocked by a Starbuck’s promotional gift box that must have been delivered on the day our lock stopped functioning properly. Mr. Holguin was friendly and sincere, and he made us feel like our peace of mind was his top priority.

“Mr. Holguin is the epitome of perfect customer service and supervision. If every supervisor or manager modeled himself or herself after Mr. Holguin, this world would be a much better place.”

Holguin was happy to assist the couple and hopes that others would choose to do the same if given the opportunity.

“The response from Rod and Patti is very humbling,” said Holguin. “We go throughout our days making sure that we follow the plans and processes. It’s feedback like this that keeps our heads up and wanting to continue the effort to give our customers the service that they expect.

“Going out to the street to help a customer like Rod and his wife is just part of our job,” Holguin added. “We are asked to complete many tasks in a day’s work, but being able to put a smile on a customer’s face is what charges up our batteries to continue our daily efforts.”

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