Turning trash into saved cash

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Winners of the 2015 Postmaster General Sustainability Excellence Award were recently announced. Among the many successful sustainability efforts across the country, 10 were selected to receive the coveted award. One of those awarded the recognition was the Clatskanie, OR, Post Office team.

Retail Associate Dana Potter and Custodian Scott Potter lead the Clatskanie sustainability effort with support from Postmaster Pamela Wantland. The team sought to reduce the amount of trash generated at the office as well as the costs for handling such waste. To accomplish this goal, they added more recycling bins for both employee and customer use. In addition to encouraging employees and visitors to use the bins, Scott also regularly monitors both trash and recycling bins to ensure everything that can be recycled is placed in appropriate containers.

The team’s efforts resulted in the reduction of trash collection from once per week to twice per month. Benefits of the Clatskanie efforts go beyond the 15.8 percent decline in the cost of trash pickup, leading to a more environmentally friendly future.

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