Carriers help each other stay safe in the summer sun

Mesa City Carrier Robin Henderson, Customer Services Manager Alice Gonzalez, and City Carrier Nikki Synodis.

Mesa City Carrier Robin Henderson, Customer Services Manager Alice Gonzalez, and City Carrier Nikki Synodis.

Mesa City Carrier Robin Henderson was on her route in the hot Arizona sun when she decided to check on a new City Carrier Assistant to see how he was faring in the heat. She found the gentleman with two hours left on his route and no water to help stay hydrated.

Henderson knew the importance of drinking water regularly to avoid dehydration and heat-related illnesses. She conveyed her concern to the CCA and stressed the importance of drinking plenty of water during the hot summer months. She also gave him the rest of the water she had left with her. Later on, she located and washed uniforms he could use to help protect him from the sun and presented them to him the following day.

When Mesa Postmaster Yolanda Stenson found out about the CCA’s hydration deficiency, she discussed the matter with him to reinforce the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day. That’s when the CCA told her about the tough decision he had to make between buying a larger water container and heat-friendly clothing or purchasing enough food to feed his family. Stenson told him that she’d see what could be done about helping him with his situation and gave him the water she had before he went on his route.

Before Stenson could leave the office to buy supplies for the CCA, she discovered that Customer Services Manager Alice Gonzalez had already purchased a large water container, a cooler, a case of Gatorade, and heat-friendly clothing for the CCA using personal funds. City Carrier and Safety Captain Nikki Synodis also regularly checked on the CCA to make sure he was staying hydrated.

“I’m proud of my team,” said Stenson. “We truly have a culture of safety and do everything we can to help keep each other safe.”


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  1. grannybunny

     /  August 18, 2016

    Thank you for the heart-warming story. We Postal workers are family, and family members look out for each other.

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