Carrier’s emergency training saves his supervisor’s life

Minnetonka, MN, City Carrier Brian Halbakken

Minnetonka, MN, City Carrier Brian Halbakken.

Toward the end of her shift, Minnetonka, MN, Post Office Supervisor Aricka Sundstrom sat down at her desk to finish her work. As she casually ate a piece of chicken while tending to her duties, she felt her throat tighten, preventing her from swallowing the food. Unable to breathe, Sundstrom stood and attempted to clear her throat, but the obstruction didn’t budge. Desperate for assistance, she moved to the nearest carrier case seeking help. Fortunately for Sundstrom, the carrier she encountered was uniquely qualified to render the assistance she needed.

City Carrier Brian Halbakken had taken a number of first responder classes in the event of an emergency. When he saw Sundstrom in distress, he immediately jumped into action.

Halbakken grabbed Sundstrom’s shoulders, spun her around to face the opposite direction, and began performing the Heimlich Maneuver. After three quick abdominal thrusts, the obstruction in Sundstrom’s throat ejected from her mouth allowing her to gulp in much-needed air.

After expressing her thanks to Halbakken for saving her life, the hero carrier stated, “Relax. It’s over.”

“All those first responder classes paid off,” he added.

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