Carrier saves life of boy suffering toxic ingestion

Nampa, ID, City Carrier Assistant Ted Porter

Nampa, ID, City Carrier Assistant Ted Porter

Nampa, ID, City Carrier Assistant Ted Porter was on his route recently when he heard a young boy cry out for help. He rushed over to the boy and found him sprawled on the ground, foaming at the mouth. The boy tried to speak to Porter, but the words he used were unintelligible and didn’t make sense to Porter.

“I could tell he was in deep trouble,” said Porter. “So I called 911 and waited for the police to arrive.”

Porter remained with the boy until the paramedics rushed him to the local hospital. Later on, he discovered how grave the situation was for the young boy.

The boy and his friend had ingested a narcotic called spice for the first time after school. According to medical professionals, that first encounter with the drug would have been a fatal one if Porter hadn’t obtained help as fast as he did. Even with the speedy assistance, the boy’s heart stopped for 16 seconds during the next three days he spent in the hospital.

“He is recovering well thank God and to Ted for his prompt response and attention to my son,” said the boy’s mother.  “My son would like to thank him for saving his life and so would my husband and I! He went way above and beyond his job and we will never forget him and have a way bigger appreciation for all postal workers.”

Nampa Postmaster Henry Medel is grateful to have Porter on his team.

“Ted is an excellent employee, but more importantly, a great human being who cares about his fellow man,” said Medel. “It is indeed a privilege to have someone like Ted Porter as part of the Nampa postal team.”



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