Wonders of the solar system on display

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Columbia Falls, MT, Post Office

During recent stamp unveilings, the Postal Service released the Views of Our Planets and Pluto-Explored! stamp collections. The clear, vibrant images not only present a detailed representation of a variety of celestial bodies within the solar system, they’re a clear reminder of some of the many wonders humankind has explored outside of Earth’s atmosphere through unmanned spacecraft.

Columbia Falls, MT, Postmaster Shawna Crum not only felt joy and excitement for the new stamp collections, she demonstrated that enthusiasm with her customers.

In preparation for the releases, Crum decorated her office with inflatable representations of the new series. The colorful imagery showcased not only the new stamp collections, it also had the opportunity to spark the imaginations of all who visited the Columbia Falls office.


Rose Hill, KS, Post Office

Rose Hill, KS, Postmaster Bonnie Bunch shared Crum’s enthusiasm for the new stamp collections, and decorated her office with a cosmic theme to celebrate the latest releases.

Rose Hill, KS, Post Office

Rose Hill, KS, Post Office


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     /  July 7, 2016

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