Sick leave saver drives one million miles without accident

David City, NE, City Carrier Larry Bruns with Postmaster Sherri Helman

David City, NE, City Carrier Larry Bruns with Postmaster Sherri Helman

When David City, NE, City Carrier Larry Bruns began his career with the Postal Service in 1978, he never imagined he would be recognized for his safe, conscientious driving. After 30 years on the road as a carrier, he recently received that recognition from the National Safety Council and he’s now in an elite class of drivers.

Besides being an expert driver, Bruns also became a dedicated sick leave saver. That decision helped both he and his family survive financially during a difficult medical situation.

Five years ago, Bruns was diagnosed with West Nile Virus. Following the diagnosis, Bruns spent the next three months recovering from the illness and was unable to work during this time. If not for the sick leave he had saved, his family’s well-being might have been put in jeopardy.

“I’m so grateful that I had banked my sick leave and to be able contribute to the household budget and care for my wife and two sons,” said Bruns.

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