Money order scam foiled by concerned clerk

Long Pine, NE, Retail Associate Charity Fay

Long Pine, NE, Retail Associate Charity Fay

When an elderly customer in Long Pine, NE, repeatedly sent money orders via Certified Mail to an address in Florida, Retail Associate Charity Fay evaluated the situation and told the woman that she was likely the victim of a scam. The woman accepted that conclusion and agreed to refrain from sending any additional money to the recipient.

The following week, the elderly woman sent several additional money orders to the same recipient via Priority Mail Express. Fay concluded that the woman didn’t fully understand that she was the target of a scam, so the concerned associate contacted the Postal Inspection Service for assistance.

A postal inspector visited the woman and her husband at their home and explained the situation to them. That’s when the husband told the inspector that they’ve lost approximately $40,000 in the last 10 years to scams.

While the elderly victims aren’t able to recover the majority of their losses, Fay’s concern for the welfare of her customers allowed the Postal Inspection Service to recover $965 that the woman recently sent to scammers.


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  1. Richard Onslow

     /  May 21, 2016

    God bless you Ms. Fay, that was a “Heads Up” play! I’m very proud of you and grateful that you were finally able to stop the abuse of some of our customers!
    Well Done! Carry on!
    Thanks for your hard work, and please look us up at Powderhorn Station in Minneapolis MN 55407 next time you want to visit the Mall of America or all points in the great white north!
    In solidarity, Rick Onslow

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