Woman escapes icy fate

Tyndall, SD, Rural Carrier Edward Humpal

Tyndall, SD, Rural Carrier Edward Humpal

On a chilly morning this past winter, a rural customer in Tyndall, SD, let her dogs out of her home as usual. Unlike any usual time, however, the customer slipped on the ice beneath her feet and fell hard to the ground. Unable to lift herself back up, the woman remained on the frozen surface in single-digit temperatures without a coat, desperately hoping someone would come along to aid her. As the minutes ticked by, the prospect of receiving assistance before her body succumbed to the freezing temperatures grew increasingly dim. That’s when a familiar face stopped by and saved the day.

Rural Carrier Edward Humpal was delivering along his route when he spotted the customer on the ground outside her home. He raced over to the woman, gave her his coat, and dialed 911. Concerned for her well-being, Humpal remained with the woman to keep her company until emergency responders arrived.

Though her knee was badly injured, the woman recovered from her fall and exposure to the chilly temperatures after a one week stay at the local hospital. As soon as she was able, the customer expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Humpal for his help in saving her life.


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  1. grannybunny

     /  April 20, 2016

    God bless Edward Humpal and all our other everyday Postal heroes, as well as the members of the public that they help on a daily basis.

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