Bon Jour: French postal officials swap tips with Las Vegas delivery unit

Bon Jour

Delivering greetings from across the Atlantic Ocean, a contingent from the Paris-based postal provider La Poste recently visited Las Vegas Paradise Valley Station. The contingent was part of a La Poste exhibitor group at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show.

Greeted by USPS Vice President of Delivery Operations Ed Phelan, USPS Manager of Delivery Strategies Scott Hooper and Las Vegas Postmaster Kathy Hand, along with other local postal leaders, the group observed USPS operations and practices.

Both sides participated in a roundtable discussion and extensive information sharing.

Among the La Poste contingent were six French letter carriers, chosen for their language skills and technical job proficiency. Three of the carriers accompanied Las Vegas carriers on their routes.

“I took a carrier named Stephanie with me,” said City Carrier Catherine Allocca. “She was amazed at the amount of parcels we delivered and how big our vehicles were.”

French carriers deliver dry cleaning, pick up recyclables, and perform wellness checks on customers.

“We were very warmly greeted here, and we thank all of you,” said La Poste Communication Manager Perrine Landry. “We had very interesting discussions.”

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  1. Jill

     /  February 4, 2016

    Hey there, Benny,

    Do you know the location for the Super Bowl Envelopes to be hand cancelled this year? Phone number of the PO, as well as, address? Your help would be appreciated!

    • I just received word that they’ll be out soon. Stay tuned and I’ll have the announcement posted here as soon as they’re available.

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