Observant employee reunites lost items with their owners

Salt Lake City, UT, Main Office Station Retail Associate Clint Nash

Salt Lake City, UT, Main Office Station Retail Associate Clint Nash

Customers at the Salt Lake City, UT, Main Office Station had an extra reason to celebrate the holiday spirit this past season, thanks to the exemplary service demonstrated by Retail Associate Clint Nash. Besides wearing festive clothing that brought smiles to customers’ faces throughout the season, he also helped link wayward items with their rightful owners.

When an elderly woman lost an envelope filled with cash, she thought she wouldn’t be able to buy gifts for her grandson’s birthday. She retraced her steps and returned to the Post Office she visited earlier with the hope of finding her missing envelope. When she asked Nash about it, he knew exactly where it was and directed her to another associate who retrieved it for her.

After another elderly woman left a gift card at the counter when she mailed a package, Nash found the forgotten item, wrote down the return address on the package the woman had mailed, and sent the card to her. The woman called Nash’s supervisor the following week to offer her sincere appreciation for the good deed.

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