Winter storms no match for determined Postmasters

Provo, UT, Postmaster Rick Brandon and Moab, UT, Postmaster Jay Stocks.

Provo, UT, Postmaster Rick Brandon and Moab, UT, Postmaster Jay Stocks.

On Christmas Eve, a snowstorm blanketed parts of Utah, giving residents a healthy collection of fresh powder to enjoy. While the storm might have dissuaded some from venturing out that night, Provo Postmaster Rick Brandon and Moab Postmaster Jay Stocks took to the road to make sure customers received their holiday cheer.

Brandon discovered that a sizeable number of packages destined for Moab didn’t make it to the Post Office in time for distribution on Christmas Eve. Without intervention, the delay would have prevented customers in Moab from receiving their special items in time for Christmas Day. Unwilling to disappoint customers during the holidays, he contacted Stocks to remedy the situation.

Stocks knew his customers would likely want their special items in time for Christmas, so he coordinated efforts with Brandon to transfer the packages into his care. The two drove great distances and met at Soldier Summit at 2:30 a.m. where Brandon transferred the 7 Priority Mail Express and 90 Priority Mail packages to Stocks’ vehicle. That morning, Stocks drove across Moab to deliver the items as local residents awoke. Customers were grateful that Stocks and Brandon went to great effort to ensure a merry day for their customers, and expressed their satisfaction across social media outlets.

“I was amazed at the service,” a local resident told the Times-Independent. “The gift itself wasn’t all that important, but to have it delivered on Christmas Day, under the circumstances, was way above and beyond the call of duty.”

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