Double Rescue for Eldora Carrier

Eldora, IA, City Carrier Stacy Reeves.

Eldora, IA, City Carrier Stacy Reeves.

While delivering mail along his route recently, Eldora, IA, City Carrier Stacy Reeves encountered an elderly customer who had fallen to the ground and needed assistance. The wind was particularly strong on this day, and when the customer stepped out of her car, a strong gust knocked her down. To make matters worse, the wind also knocked garbage cans on top of her.

When Reeves moved to assist the customer, she initially refused to allow him to call for medical assistance from emergency responders. Reeves questioned the customer about her condition, and when she told him about the back pain she sustained, he called for an ambulance and waited with her until they arrived.

Reeves later returned to the office for lunch and discussed the event with fellow employees. In the process of doing so, they heard multiple blasts of a horn outside. When Reeves and City Carrier Mark Pearson went to investigate, they discovered that an elderly customer had accidentally stepped on the gas pedal of her vehicle as she attempted to mail a letter at a blue collection box. She had one leg outside the vehicle at the time, and when the vehicle lurched forward, it pinned her extended leg between her door and doorframe.

Pearson is also an Emergency Medical Technician and moved to assist the customer while Reeves dialed 911. Both stayed with the customer until an ambulance arrived to tend to her injuries.

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