Carrier’s Quick Action Saves Commuter’s Life


Waukon, IA, Rural Carrier Kari Kerndt-Hammel.

Waukon, IA, Rural Carrier Kari Kerndt-Hammel.

While Waukon, IA, Rural Carrier Kari Kerndt-Hammel delivered on her route recently, she noticed an elderly man across the street exiting a public transportation van. Without warning, the man lost his balance as he stepped out and fell to the ground. During the fall, the man’s head suffered severe damage when it slammed into the hard, unforgiving surface of the cold concrete.

Kerndt-Hammel immediately ran across the street to render aid. When she saw that the man was conscious, but bleeding profusely, she instructed a bystander to call 911 and another to grab towels while she applied pressure to the wound. To prevent the man from potentially exacerbating the damage, she kept him calm until the paramedics arrived.

When emergency responders arrived, they took the man to the local hospital. Medical personnel assessed his injuries and quickly determined that a larger facility would be better equipped to handle the damage. The man was transported by care flight to a different facility nearby where he spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit before being moved to an assisted living center to finish his recovery.

To thank Kerndt-Hammel for saving their loved one’s life, the man’s family sent her a bouquet of flowers.

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