Carrier Stomps Out Budding Fire

Osmond, NE, Rural Carrier Valerie Hoffman.

Osmond, NE, Rural Carrier Valerie Hoffman.

When Osmond, NE, Rural Carrier Valerie Hoffman delivered mail along her route one day, she spotted smoke rising from grass surrounding a bean field. When she investigated the situation, she discovered that the flames were still in their infancy, but growing rapidly.

The owner of the field left the area shortly before the flames started and hadn’t noticed them. Hoffman knew that unless she intervened, the flames would spread and cause significant damage. That’s when she decided to leap into action. She quickly stomped out the flames and put an end to the potential destruction they could have caused.

“I just did what anyone else would do,” said Hoffman.

“She is a hard worker and not afraid to step up to the plate,” said Postmaster Jo Sullivan. “I am happy and proud to have her in our office.”

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