The Cycle of Life

Boulder, CO, Valmont Station City Carrier Tim Mctearnen.

Boulder, CO, Valmont Station City Carrier Tim Mctearnen.

When 79-year-old Jane Norton passed away in her home recently, her usual routines were no longer maintained. That included collecting her daily mail.

When Boulder, CO, Valmont Station City Carrier Tim Mctearnen noticed that Norton hadn’t retrieved her mail for a few days, he knew something was wrong. The customer usually picked up her mail promptly and didn’t allow it to sit in her mailbox for long. Mctearnen tried to reach the customer, but she didn’t answer her door. That’s when he approached Norton’s next door neighbor Kate Hallberg and asked her to look in on Norton.

When Hallberg investigated the situation, she discovered that Norton had passed away. Later on, Hallberg contacted the Valmont Postmaster to express her thanks for Mctearnen’s concern and for watching out for the neighborhood.

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