Not Alone During Hard Fall

Tucson, AZ, Rural Carrier Associate Lisa Stewart.

Tucson, AZ, Rural Carrier Associate Lisa Stewart.

Tucson, AZ, Rural Carrier Associate Lisa Stewart was in the process of delivering mail along her route recently when she saw an alarming scene unfold before her. An older man was walking nearby when he stumbled over a collection of river rocks and fell to the ground. To complicate matters, the man had undergone knee surgery a few years ago, and his knee didn’t endure the impact with the ground as well as it might have in days past.

Stewart tried to help the man back to his feet, but he warned that he was too heavy for her to lift. That’s when Stewart called 911 and asked for the fire department to send assistance.

While the man waited for help to arrive, Stewart remained with him and made sure he didn’t have to wait alone. Later that day, the man called Customer Service Manager Ute Eisinger to tell him what happened.

“He wanted to make sure Lisa didn’t get in trouble for interrupting delivery or running late while she helped and waited there with him until the fire department arrived,” said Eisinger. “Lisa did an amazing job in an emergency situation, and I’m proud of her actions.”

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