Tangled Horse Saved By Caring Carrier

Duncan, AZ, HCR Carrier Jeannie Webb

Duncan, AZ, HCR Carrier Jeannie Webb

When Duncan, AZ, HCR Carrier Jeannie Webb was on her route recently, she noticed a troubling sight. A horse had fallen to the ground and was unable to stand up.

Webb pulled up to the corral that contained the horse and spotted it’s back two legs tangled inside the fencing. She went to the customer’s home to alert them to the situation, but when nobody answered, she dialed the animal control office and Postmaster Joey Soto for help.

By the time Soto and Greenlee County Public Works Department arrived on scene, the horse had developed cuts and scrapes on its body from multiple attempts to free itself from the fence. Soon after responders initiated their rescue attempts, they were able to free the horse’s legs from the fence. Within a few minutes after being rescued, the horse stood up on it’s own.

Afterward, Greenlee Public Works representatives stated that if it hadn’t been for the swift action by Webb, the horse would have likely fallen victim to the intense Arizona heat.

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