Carrier Helps Save Victim of Assault

Crookston, MN, City Carrier Assistant Brent Evenson

Crookston, MN, City Carrier Assistant Brent Evenson

Crookston, MN, City Carrier Assistant Brent Evenson was delivering mail at an apartment complex when he heard a loud noise from one of the hallways. Shortly thereafter, a man staggered from the hallway and cried, “I need help. I’ve been stabbed!”

The man asked Evenson to pull the knife out of his chest, but Evenson didn’t comply out of fear the bleeding would increase. He did his best to calm the injured man and attempted to call 911, only to find that his phone had frozen up. Desperate to obtain help for the man, Evenson pounded on the door to the complex office, shouting that he needed help. An employee let him in to call police and EMTs.

Evenson remained on scene until police arrived and the victim had been cared for. After providing  a statement to police, Evenson continued on his route. The victim survived the stabbing and the suspect was arrested soon afterward and charged with attempted murder.


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  1. Anonymous

     /  September 5, 2015

    Way to go Brent ! You carriers continue to make us proud 🙂

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