A Million Miles of Safe Driving

South Sioux City, NE, City Carrier Patty Koenig

South Sioux City, NE, City Carrier Patty Koenig

Little did Patty Koenig realize when she started her employment at USPS as an LSM operator in Sioux City, IA, that she would one day join the Million Mile Club. Yet, after 30 years of safe driving, that’s exactly what she accomplished.

After 11 months as an LSM operator, Koenig transferred to South Sioux City, NE, as a city carrier. She has continued to deliver out of the same facility ever since. Last week, Koenig received generous praise and a special plaque highlighting her dedicated accomplishment of driving more than 1,000,000 miles without a preventable accident.

“Watch everything that is going on around you,” Koenig suggests to other drivers. “You cannot always predict what another person or driver will do.”

Postmaster Elmer Smith was honored to have the opportunity to celebrate Koenig’s achievement. “As her Postmaster, I have observed her dedication to driver safety. One of the things I appreciate is how politely she will caution children to be careful around the LLV and to wait until she has moved on before they retrieve their mail.”

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