Quick Employee Action Snuffs Out Fire

Scotland, SD, HCR Driver Daryl Erickson

Scotland, SD, HCR Driver Daryl Erickson

Scotland, SD, HCR Driver Daryl Erickson was running errands when he noticed the wheel on the semi-truck in front of him was on fire. He flagged down the driver and warned him of the danger, convincing him to pull over, coincidentally, in front of Erickson’s house. While the truck was hauling liquid feed (not fuel), the fire still posed a serious threat.

The driver attempted to put out the fire with his extinguisher, while Erickson grabbed a garden hose to assist. That’s when the air bags on the suspension ruptured and exploded. When the truck driver moved under the truck to investigate, the intense heat caused a tire to blow. The driver experienced some eye abrasions and temporary hearing damage but was otherwise unhurt. He assisted Erickson in extinguishing the fire.

“Someone in the bank called me a hero,” said Erickson. “I’m just glad I was there to help.”

Two weeks prior to this event, Erickson was first on the scene of an accident in a rural area where he noticed skid marks and a van in the ditch. He called 911 and convinced a passenger to leave her injured husband and child in the van rather than move them. The van had lost control and hit a tree. All occupants required treatment but suffered no further injury thanks to Erickson’s quick response and insistence that the injured not be moved without proper equipment.

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