Carrier Saves Elderly Customer After Hard Fall

Wichita, KS, Chisholm Station City Carrier Nathan Cowles.

Wichita, KS, Chisholm Station City Carrier Nathan Cowles.

Wichita, KS, customer Robert L. was walking from his garage to the house when he lost his footing and fell down onto the cold, unforgiving concrete of the walkway. When the elderly gentleman found that he couldn’t get up on his own, he called to his wife for help. Tuddee rushed to her husband’s side, and as hard as she struggled, she didn’t possess the strength to help him up. She ran to the front yard to find help, but her neighbors were at work and unavailable to assist. That’s when she saw a beacon of hope.

While Chisholm Station City Carrier Nathan Cowles finished up with deliveries on the street, Tuddee spotted him and called out for his assistance. Cowles heard Tuddee’s frantic plea and rushed to render aid. Tuddee guided Cowles to the back yard where he helped her husband up from the ground. Cowles offered any additional assistance the customer might need, but Robert declined.

Robert and Tuddee felt grateful for the assistance Cowles provided them, and hand delivered a special letter to the Chisholm Post Office praising their hero carrier for his much needed help.

“Nathan, over the past years, has always been very kind and respectful knowing that my husband and I both have cancer,” Tuddee wrote in the letter. “We feel that he goes above and beyond.”


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  1. grannybunny

     /  August 20, 2015

    A heartwarming story; kudos to Nathan Cowles and all our other everyday Postal heroes!

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