Carrier Puts Centenarian’s Concern At Ease

Salt Lake City, UT, City Carrier Jan Androes.

Salt Lake City, UT, City Carrier Jan Androes.

Rolland Tougas lives alone in an apartment located in Salt Lake City, UT. While the 100-year old Tougas avoids modern communication technology such as telephones and the Internet, he does regularly use one service he’s known all his life – the Postal Service. Tougas maintains regular contact with his Edmonton, Canada family through the mail, but when he didn’t receive a letter from his niece and nephew for a longer than usual time period, he became concerned.

Tougas expressed that concern to Salt Lake City, UT, City Carrier Jan Androes while she was on her route. Androes offered to call his family in Canada and Tougas provided her with the telephone number. Though nobody answered the phone when she called, Androes left a message. Soon thereafter, Tougas’s niece returned the call to let her uncle know she had been out of town for a while and was in good health. Tougas’s niece was so impressed with Androes help that she sent a letter to the Postmaster expressing her gratitude.

“I believe this type of service is over and above, and deserves recognition,” said Tougas’s niece.

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