Scammer Foiled by Vigilant Employee

Retail Associate Kelly Stover.

Retail Associate Kelly Stover.

Ocean Shores, WA, Retail Associate Kelly Stover became very concerned when an elderly man came into the office and said he wanted to mail cash. Kelly suggested he get a money order, but the man said he was told to either wire the money or to send cash.

The man did not say what the money was to be used for or how he had come into contact with the person requesting it. Stover convinced him to send it by Certified Mail and to be sure his return address was on the envelope. The customer agreed and Stover accepted the mail piece, which weighed about four ounces.

She notified Postmaster Mark Williams of the incident who in turn contacted the Postal Inspection Service. Stover was advised not to put the piece into the mail stream. The Postal Service contacted the man’s wife who asked that the envelope not be sent. She came to the office and retrieved it.

It is not known how much money was in the envelope, but Postal Inspectors are certain it was a case of fraud.

Seattle Postal Inspector Michelle Brooks praised Stover, “Our people do a great job for the community, often going above what they are required to do. This definitely made my day.”

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