No Obstacle Too Large

Contract Driver Rusty Wheeler.

Contract Driver Rusty Wheeler.

Sedalia, CO, Contract Driver Rusty Wheeler has a long route – 100 miles or so, delivering through the Pike National Forest. He delivers to summer homes, year-round residents, summer camps and dude ranches. Historic flows on the Platte River recently closed eight bridges in the area, causing limited access. In the face of these obstacles, Wheeler did what he does best; he improvised.

Wheeler discovered a way to deliver without using the bridges, but the diversion cost him three hours and more than 75 miles.

On the first day of bridge closures, he was in contact with a cluster of three summer camps on the other side of the Trumbull Bridge. Although vehicle traffic wasn’t allowed, the camps brought over a wheelbarrow, met Wheeler on the other side, and he filled the improvised mailbox.

This isn’t the first natural disaster for the 17-year CDS driver. He’s delivered through blizzards, diverted around forest fires, and has to deal with other flooding issues.

“The best part of my route is going out no matter what, even with the fires,” said Wheeler. “It is some of the most beautiful part of the country.”

Upon reflection of his career, Wheeler fondly remembered one of the best times on his route a few years ago when the road to a summer camp had washed out, but he had been allowed to pass through.

“After I finished my route that day, I went back to Y Camp, took them some water and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids.”



  1. PO worker

     /  July 22, 2015

    Thank you for caring for your customers, Rusty. You are a good example of many of the carriers that I have worked with over the years. People who care deeply about their customers and how important their mail is to them. I hope that your supervisor cares about you just as much. Sadly, too many supervisors don’t know the real gems that they’ve got in their office. To all of the Rustys out there – thank you and keep up the good work! You are appreciated!!!

  2. Jonn

     /  July 22, 2015

    I want this guy delivering my mail. Time to look at Sedalia Colorado real estate. Well, maybe not. My carrier is pretty good too, though I’ve only seen him in passing.

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