Disabled Veteran Support

Wendover, UT, Retail Associate Vicki Morris

Wendover, UT, Retail Associate Vicki Morris

Military veterans have given much in service to their country. It takes a special dedication and commitment to put oneself in a potentially dangerous situation to protect others, and their sacrifices are never forgotten by a grateful nation. One veteran in Wendover, UT, recently expressed his sincere gratitude for the service a retail associate provided him when he was unable to collect his mail.

Retail Associate Vicki Morris recently received a letter from a grateful disabled veteran who thanked her for her extraordinary efforts to ensure he received his medicine and mail. The veteran made frequent visits to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City, UT, for chemotherapy and multiple operations. He often endured extended hospital stays and wasn’t able to regularly retrieve his mail.

Morris knew of his ongoing hardships, and took steps to set his mail aside until he was in a position to collect it. Her efforts ensured that someone who honorably served his country had at least a small measure of that dedication returned in kind.

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