Behind the Customer Relations Curtain

CRC Roger Humphries with ESPN College Football Analyst Lee Corso.

CRC Roger Humphries with ESPN College Football Analyst Lee Corso.

As the Customer Relations Coordinator (CRC) for the Omaha Post Office, Roger Humphries is on the phone with customers much of the day. He approaches each conversation as an opportunity to meet or exceed customer expectations. It’s a special skill set and one he has honed through the years. His advice?

“Listen to the customer,” said Humphries. “We tend to rush to provide an answer or make an excuse without hearing the real concern of a customer. Investigate the concern, develop a response or solution and get back to them in a timely manner.”

Humphries is also an ambassador for the USPS, coordinating stamp events and activities in the community. As a postal spokesman, he is on a first name basis with most media in town.

When he’s not at work, Humphries can be found in his community serving on various boards, including Downtown Omaha Inc., Omaha-Lincoln Federal Executive Association and the Blue Line Club for University of Nebraska Omaha Hockey. He is a member of the Distribution Committee of Foodbank for the Heartland after serving on the board for 17 years. He is a proud member of Leadership Omaha, and is a free-lance photographer for Metro Magazine.

“The CRC position exposed me to the side of the community I had not been involved in before,” said Humphries, who began his postal career in 1977 as a casual clerk. “I found that I could make a difference not only in my neighborhood, but the overall community as well.  And because of my actions, my two children grew up volunteering. As adults, they have continued to do so.”

His work-ethic, passion for the USPS and Omaha, and keen sense of humor has endeared him to others.

“Roger has been an icon and fixture for us in Omaha and outstanding in his customer service role,” said District Manager Rick Pivovar.

“We couldn’t have a better ambassador for the Omaha Post Office as we do in Roger,” said Omaha Postmaster Keith Reid.

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