Powerful Showing at Twin Falls Powerlifting Challenge

Postmaster Mike Brownfield (left) received a plaque for his bench press prowess.

Postmaster Mike Brownfield (left) received a plaque for his bench press prowess.

During the recent 3rd Annual Magic Valley Powerlifting Challenge in Twin Falls, ID, powerlifters from around the state gathered to demonstrate their abilities. Those who excelled in their lifting categories have the opportunity to compete in future championship events. One individual from the Postal Service participated in the contests and pushed past the competition.

Caldwell, ID, Postmaster Mike Brownfield competed in the challenge to great success. He set an American record in the open and masters by bench pressing 473 pounds. Besides the challenge of the competition, Brownfield enjoys weightlifting to help him keep in shape. He credits the attention to controlling his weight to the requirements set by the competition.

Brownfield achieved his best personal performance to date during the competition, and looks forward to future challenges to continue taking his lifting to the next level.

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