Curious Knock Leads to Life-Saving Call

City Carrier Assistant Jordan Schmaltz

City Carrier Assistant Jordan Schmaltz

Minneapolis, MN, Diamond Lake Station CCA Jordan Schmaltz was only 10 months into his postal career when he spotted an unusual situation. He was delivering on May 8, the day before the annual Food Drive, when he noticed the door to a home on his route that was partially ajar.

This wasn’t a common occurrence, and there were no sounds coming from inside the home. Schmaltz knocked on the door and called out. Receiving no answer, he pushed the door open a little further and spotted a woman lying on the floor with bags that had been dropped haphazardly next to her. He called out to the woman, but there was no response. Cautiously,  he jostled the customer’s foot, and she responded but was noticeably in distress. Schmaltz called 911 and comforted the woman until help arrived a few minutes later.

“Jordan’s quick thinking and actions are a perfect illustration that we deliver much more than mail every day,” said his supervisor, Chad Stephan.


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  1. PO Clerk

     /  June 23, 2015

    Way to go Jordan! Thank you for caring about your customers.

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