Carrier Saves Child From Dangerous Intersection

Fairmont City Carrier Mark Moeller

Fairmont City Carrier Mark Moeller

Fairmont, MN, City Carrier Mark Moeller has been called the hero of the day for his actions to protect a small child in the local community.

While on his route, Moeller observed a small, two-year old child standing alone at a busy four way intersection. Sensing a dangerous situation, Moeller parked his LLV and approached the child who was about to walk into the street. Before she could venture into the busy intersection, Moeller intercepted her and kept her from harm. The little girl had limited communication ability and didn’t know where she lived nor would she say her name.

Moeller stayed with the girl and convinced her to help him find her way home. Hand in hand, the two walked along the sidewalk until they reached a house around the block. The girl ran toward the front door, prompting Moeller to knock. The child’s mother answered and told Moeller that she had fallen asleep and didn’t know the girl was gone. She was extremely grateful that Moeller had returned her daughter home safely.

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