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Despite the ever-increasing presence of digital communication, letter writing is still popular to this day. It offers a measure of permanence in a world filled with forgotten emails and social media posts, and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Long Pine, NE, Retail Associate Charity Fay appreciates the historic value of letter writing. Recently, she asked her customers to bring in old cards and letters to show others inside a display case. The simple request generated an enthusiastic response that filled the display.

Letters dating back to the early 1900s now have a welcomed home inside the case, including unique leather postcards. The collection of special correspondence demonstrates the lasting impression letters and postcards have with succeeding generations, as well as how communication techniques change over time.

“It was amazing to read some of the old letters and see how writing styles and language use has changed in the past 100 years,” said Ainsworth, NE, Postmaster Christina Think Elk.

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