Flame of Hope

Special Olympics 1

Before the Special Olympics World Games begins on July 25, its symbol, the Flame of Hope, will be carried across the United States on foot to Los Angeles, the host city for the 2015 games.

Beginning its journey from Athens, Greece, the flame recently made its way to the East Coast of the United States. It was then split into three distinct flames yesterday and began the nearly month-and-a-half long trek throughout all 50 states along three separate routes. The flames will then converge in Los Angeles on July 10 where they will be reunited into one and serve as the centerpiece for this year’s games.

Throughout the flames’ journey, cities across the United States will celebrate the travelling icon by hosting evening celebrations. To find out when the Flame of Hope will travel through a location near you, go to http://www.unifiedrelay.org/.

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