Make the Smart Choice

Make the smart choice

Distractions while driving can go beyond fiddling with a phone, eating a sandwich or adjusting a radio station. It could also include tending to a sudden shift of items inside the vehicle.

When something moves out of place such as a phone dropping to the floor, don’t take your eyes off the road to deal with the problem. Pull over to a safe area, put the vehicle in park and switch off the ignition. Only then should someone attempt to clean up a spill, pick up a dropped item, or manipulate shifted objects.

A momentary distraction while driving can cause a serious accident, no matter what that distraction is. Also, remember to always wear a seat belt. Even though you may avoid distractions while driving, another driver may not.

Smart choices can help save lives, and it’s up to you to make the choice to stay safe. Avoid distracted driving and always wear a seat belt to substantially lower the risk of death or injury while inside a vehicle.

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