Post Office Vital to Community

Post office vital to community

In a recent letter of commendation, postal customer Catherine L. of Coalville, UT, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the employees at her local Post Office. The following is an excerpt from her appreciative letter:

“I, my family, friends and neighbors closely follow what is happening with the USPS because we care deeply about USPS. We also want to highly commend our Coalville, UT, Post Office.

“Our Postmaster Darlene and her co-workers Connie and Lori are outstanding and are the reason why our Coalville Post Office is a vital community place. Even in the midst of the Christmas crunch, they are always so courteous, efficient, helpful, and professional.

“Because of them, our Post Office is not only where we get our mail, but where we enjoy very pleasant interactions with our friends and neighbors.”

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