Tax Deadline Fast Approaching

Tax deadline 2015

April 15 is just one week away. Are you ready?

While the last day to file a 2014 tax return on time will be here soon, it’s also the last day to claim a refund for those who would have received one for the 2011 tax year, but didn’t file a return.

According to, an estimated $1 billion awaits approximately 1 million people who didn’t file a return for 2011. Unless these individuals submit their returns in the next few days, any refund they would have received becomes the property of the U.S. Treasury.

With an average estimated refund of $698 for the 2011 tax year, any individual who has yet to file has an extra incentive to revisit the past.

To find the collection times of a Post Office near you, or for more information on mailing a tax return, click here or go to:

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