Imminent Delivery

Imminent delivery

Many people appreciate when a friend or relative calls or sends a message to let someone know ahead of time that they intent to visit. It only takes a few moments to send the alert, but it allows time for the person visited to prepare for the arrival. If a new feature was introduced to a different type of visitation, it’s possible that the experience could be a welcome one.

Every day, people look forward to mail dutifully deposited into their mailboxes by their neighborhood carrier. Though someone might be able to guess the approximate day when an individual could have mailed a particular item, the person’s best guess might not be as accurate as they would like it to be. This could leave the individual longing for clairvoyance as to when to expect the item’s arrival. If the Postal Service were to introduce an email alert system to inform a customer about an item’s pending arrival, clairvoyance would be an unnecessary luxury.

For a customer to receive that email alert, the Postal Service could send a scanned external image of a mailpiece item to an email associated with the address of the customer. A customer could register with the service through the website and specify contact information.

The additional service wouldn’t exactly offer the same benefits as a digital mailbox, but it could provide a welcome benefit to eager customers without a prohibitive startup and maintenance expense.

Do you think a USPS email alert system for imminent mail delivery will help increase mail customer satisfaction?

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