Robot Dogs

Robot dogs

Google is known around the world as an innovator for its creative technology. Successfully working with self-driving vehicles, wearable computing devices, and other interesting designs, the company is one of the leading producers of next generation concepts. Another prototype creation in the works by one of its subsidiaries could one day replace the household pet and serve as an essential equipment carrier in certain situations.

Created by Boston Dynamics, a four-legged prototype robot called Spot is currently undergoing test that will gauge the machine’s ability to dynamically adapt to its surroundings. The robot dog is designed to react intuitively to its environment, including unexpected impacts and climbing up hills. The robot’s abilities are demonstrated in a video released on YouTube that shows the mechanical dog interacting with various elements.

While the creation is still in the prototype phase of development, its applications if introduced for commercial use are significant. In addition to potentially working as an assistance dog for those with disabilities and as an equipment carrier for troops in combat operations, the mechanical robots could also have the potential to act as carrier assistants for delivering the mail.

It might be possible to modify the chassis of a robot dog to house compartments for letter and package storage. The dog could then follow the carrier along his or her route, allowing the carrier to travel with a potentially greater load of mail than would otherwise be possible.

Whatever the future of this particular creation may turn out to be, robotics are likely to have an increasing presence in the world of tomorrow.


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  1. Anonymous

     /  March 19, 2015

    USPS can’t even fix the problems they have now…let’s not add any more…
    INVEST in customer SERVICE..

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