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Young mail enthusiasts drop letters in the outgoing mail slot at the Leadville, CO, Post Office.

Young mail enthusiasts drop letters in the outgoing mail slot at the Leadville, CO, Post Office.

At an early age, children are taught a variety of life skills such as reading, writing, tying  their shoes, and at one education center in Colorado, how to mail a letter.

Each year, preschool children at The Center, an early childhood education school in Leadville, create mailboxes in their classrooms and ask friends and family to mail them letters during the “Mail Month” of February. When letters are delivered to the school, one child is chosen to dress up as a carrier and deliver the special messages to the mailboxes. A different child is chosen for the task each day.

In addition to the experience of receiving letters, the young mail enthusiasts also visited the Leadville Post Office to mail their own letters to friends and family. During their field trip, the children also took a behind-the-scenes tour of postal operations at the facility.


  1. grannybunny

     /  March 12, 2015

    These programs for children are invaluable. Young people love to send and receive mail; it’s real — tangible — unlike the fleeting electronic stimuli with which they are frequently bombarded. It is truly heartening that USPS is rated so highly by them. Now that many schools have quite teaching cursive handwriting, it’s more important than ever that parents encourage their children to send cards and letters. And, hopefully, USPS will continue to reach out to the young people who are our future. When I was a child, mail was delivered twice a day. But, my most indelible first memories of the Post Office were of the Postal employee who came to our school every Tuesday to collect our meager — nickel and dimes, literally — deposits into our Postal savings accounts and to update our bank books. It was a wonderful public service and started many — myself included — on a lifetime habit of saving.

  2. Jonn

     /  March 12, 2015

    Handwriting is becoming a lost art, and I’m glad to see these students are encouraged to disconnect from the net and enjoy the experience of writing a letter. I’d like to see the postal savings accounts come back too. Kids today grow up thinking no savings and lots of debt is a good thing. It only hurts their future in the long run and will keep them from even contemplating retirement in the future. We need to encourage kids to save money and spend less than they earn when they start working, and having a postal employee pop into classrooms to teach the value of this is one of the most important lessons they can learn.

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