“Why Should I Choose Your Team?”

Why should I choose your team

That’s the question a 12-year old boy from Yukon, OK, asked in a series of hand-written letters mailed to each team in the NFL.

In his letters, Cade Pope describes the team preferences of his parents and brother. Undecided on which team he should cheer for, he opted to ask each to describe why he should cheer for them. To his pleasure, Cade received an enthusiastic response.

Carolina Panthers Owner Danny Richardson mailed a hand-written response back to Cade outlining the reasons he should be a Panthers fan. In addition to the personal note, Richardson sent a package that contained a signed replica helmet.

San Francisco 49ers Co-Chairman John York also sent a personal response in an email to Cade.

Before he makes a final decision, the young future lifetime fan will wait a while longer to give other teams an opportunity to respond.


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  1. grannybunny

     /  January 30, 2015

    Children love mail. And young adults — although raised on emails and texts — hold USPS in even higher esteem than do their elders. I believe that mail is undergoing a true renaissance, in which people discover — or rediscover — just how very special those “mail moments” can be.

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