A New Chapter in Digital Mail

A new chapter

It wasn’t long ago that a collection of promising digital mail service providers attempted to transform their budding startups into lucrative ventures. While several are still working toward profitability, some haven’t fared as well as others and were forced to close their doors. Though the course charted by digital mail providers is a challenging one, a new startup seeks to succeed where others haven’t.

Scan Mailboxes Solutions LLC recently launched a new service designed for individuals who would prefer the option to receive mail electronically. Based in Austin, TX, the service accomplishes the digital conversion process by instructing its customers to direct their mail to the company’s processing facility. The customer adds a special PMB number to the address that associates specific ownership of the mail, and all mail with that identifier is stored and secured for that individual until the company receives instructions on how to proceed with it.

Items received by Scan Mailboxes can be sent to the customer unopened to an address on file, picked up at the company’s facility in TX, or opened and scanned for the customer to read online. Scanned mail is encrypted to protect customer privacy and stored on the company website where images will remain archived so long as an individual’s account is active. Shredding services of discarded mail are also available at no additional cost.

Prices for the digital mailbox service start at $9.95 per month for the Starter plan and go up to $39.95 for the Business plan. Additional services such as Unlimited Check Deposit Service, Registered Agent Service, and Selective Mail Forwarding Service can also be added for an additional fee.

Do you think USPS could employ a similar business model for a digital mail service of its own?


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  1. Tracy Banks

     /  January 23, 2015

    With the increase in digitial storage by individuals and companies versus hardcopy, the desire to obtain a digital version could increase exponentially. The ability to receive items via electronically would allow customers the ability to store and file the documents much faster and easier than scanning these themselves. It is also easier to find, transfer to someone else, access from any location and delete if not needed. The USPS could potentially generate additional income as demand for this type of service takes off. If we wait too long, the opportunity will be scooped up by someone else.

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