Mail for Addie


Addie Fausett peers through her PO Box after removing its contents.


The holidays are a time when many enjoy the company and friendship of others. For one 6-year old in Fountain Green, UT, the outpouring of joy and well-wishes from a global community have provided her with a lifetime of friendship in a single holiday season.

Addie Fausett is struggling with an undiagnosed condition that has caused cerebral atrophy. The deteriorating condition of her brain has prompted Addie’s doctors to give her parents the news that she likely has only a year left to live.

Addie’s grandparents wanted to make this Christmas a special one for the struggling little girl, so they made the suggestion for her to receive a lifetime of Christmas cards this year. The family worked together to make that dream come true, but the flood of support and friendship didn’t end there. An avalanche of cards, letters and presents began to pour in from across the globe once the family shared Addie’s story on social media.

“One of Addie’s favorite things to do is pick up the mail. To see so many cards and packages addressed to her from people around the world is truly heart-warming,” said Fountain Green Postal Support Employee Barbara Gordon. “Seeing the world rally around Addie through the mail is a wonderful thing.”

On a single day last week, Addie received more than 95,000 cards, letters and packages, nearly 100 times the normal volume for the entire town of just over 1,000 residents. The powerful surge in mail volume for Addie has prompted the addition of extra employees from nearby Post Offices to assist. Salt Lake City District Manager Jimmy Wolf was also moved by Addie’s story and added to her collection by sending her a USPS blanket, cap, and an Olympic First Day of Issue cachet.

“The bravery of this little girl serves as a humbling example to us all of the endurance of the human spirit,” said Wolf.

If you’d like to send a special item to Addie, address it to:
Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632.

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