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Creighton Wilkinson, son of Lawson, MO, Postmaster Chris Wilkinson, enjoys making the rounds during Halloween.


Busy lifestyles rarely lend themselves to an abundance of spare time. Pausing to complete tasks such as watering the yard, taking out the trash, and other important responsibilities might take time away from other pressing matters. The same can also be true for waiting on the delivery of a package. With that in mind, a potential plan from a shipping company might have an interesting solution for people on the go.

DHL, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post AG, is currently working with Volvo to introduce a method for package recipients to have their items delivered to the trunks of their vehicles. If the plan comes to fruition, a customer could instruct the shipper to deliver an expected item to the trunk of his or her Volvo. The delivery driver would have one-time access to the trunk for package drop off, but only after the customer accepts the package via text prior to delivery.

The shipper is currently in talks with other vehicle manufacturers about the potential to introduce trunk delivery to owners of other vehicle types as well. If the plan becomes reality, package recipients may have the opportunity to avoid waiting for delivery or travelling to a distribution facility to pick up their special items.

Do you think the U.S. Postal Service could forge a deal with automotive manufacturers to create a similar delivery option for its customers?

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