Hackers Targeting Your Holiday Purchases

Hackers targeting your holiday purchases

An email from a well-known retailer arrives in your inbox confirming a recent purchase. It looks authentic and includes the company’s logo as well as what looks like a genuine link to its website. You don’t recall the specific purchase mentioned in the email, but decide to click on the link to see what it’s about.

That click just opened your computer to the whims of a nefarious cyber intruder.

Just in time for the holidays, hackers are simulating purchase emails from well-known retailers to email accounts across the country. Their hope is that an unsuspecting individual will click on the link and give the hacker access to that person’s computer.

Beyond the search for personal data, access to a person’s computer allows a scammer to use it as their own personal robot, free to send spam and other electronic instructions to others in the hopes of furthering their wicked intent.

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of these despicable individuals.

If you receive an email such as the one described above, do not click on an embedded link. Links can be modified to look like an authentic website, but direct a curious clicker to an entirely different site.

To verify the authenticity of the email, open up a separate browser window and manually type in the company website. You can peruse account details from there.

Stay safe this holiday season by remaining vigilant against cyber humbugs.

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