“Old School” Service

Lori Cowling

Many changes have occurred since the Postal Service was founded 239 years ago. Despite the numerous transformations, one thing has remained consistent throughout the years – great service. Lander, WY, Retail Associate Lori Cowling knows the value of providing great customer care, and a recent letter from a customer is a testament to that commitment. The following is an excerpt from that letter:

“Last month, I ordered an item through Amazon.com. I came across a notice that my order had been delivered by USPS. However, I had never received the delivery. Upon looking at my order, I realized that I had erroneously put in …5th street as my mailing address, when in fact it is 3rd street.

“I visited with Lori at the counter and explained my situation to her. She checked with her supervisor and they contacted the carrier who had worked that day. The carrier remembered a parcel that had a questionable address on it.

“Lori, on what I’m sure was her own time, stopped by the house to which my package had apparently been delivered and retrieved it for me…unopened. She then brought it by my house, placed it between the storm door and regular door, and called me to advise of its delivery.

“I was, and remain, extremely impressed with her ‘above and beyond the call’ effort on my behalf. That was what I consider ‘old school’ service. Please extend my appreciation to her – and to her supervisor – for their efforts in taking care of this matter.

“Carl. P”

Lander, WY, Postmaster Robert Burt appreciates Cowling’s efforts and values her dedication to service.

“Ms. Cowling always presents the United States Postal Service in a positive light with our customers,” said Burt. “She goes way beyond the call to keep our customers and ensure that they have a positive experience with the USPS.”

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