Watch That Surface

Watch that surface

Walking on a variety of surface types is a typical part of a daily routine. From tile to concrete to pavement, individuals learn to anticipate how their shoes react to these surfaces. During inclement weather, however, contact between footwear and different surface types will change.

Before traversing altered surface conditions, keep the following helpful tips in mind to stay safe and avoid injury this winter.

  • Pay attention to your step – Avoid injuries by paying attention to where you are walking. Learn to recognize and avoid potential hazards. Avoid wet leaves and mud slicks. Scan the area ahead of you for icy patches. If you must walk on slippery or untraveled routes take short steps, sliding your feet in a drag and shove fashion. Keep your weight forward and toes pointed outward to help maintain balance.
  • Practice environmental awareness – It’s important for you to remain aware of the environment in which you’re walking to ensure risks are minimized. If walking on surfaces with ice, take smaller and more frequent steps. In wet and snowy weather, the simple act of cleaning off your shoes and boots before entering the building is an effective deterrent to slipping and falling. Walk safely, deliberately, and avoid sharp changes in direction. Handrails on stairs and ramps are there to prevent falls, so take advantage of them when they are available.
  • Footwear – Appropriate footwear should be worn when and where required. Wearing the right shoes for winter conditions is critical to eliminate slips, trips, and falls.
  • Housekeeping – Keep floors inside and outside a building as clean and safe as possible.
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