Devious Callers Want to Steal Your Money

Stressed Over Money

It’s a quiet, uneventful Saturday afternoon. The whoosh of cool air from the air conditioning system kicks on, sending a surge of arctic air through the room. A commercial for the latest in sun screen protection dances across the television screen when the telephone rings. With casual ease, you lift the receiver.

“Hello?” you ask.

“Congratulations!” the voice on the other end of the receiver announces. “You’ve just won the mulit-million dollar sweepstakes prize!”

After chatting with the individual, you discover that in order to claim your sizeable prize, you must first mail a check to the sweepstakes office to pay for fees and taxes. Did your ship finally come in? Or is this just a mere illusion trying to lure you into giving away your hard-earned money?

Criminals engage in many despicable acts similar to the one above to steal money away from those who fall victim to their web of lies. Elderly individuals in particular are among the favorite targets for these scammers. Once a vulnerable person is victimized, the thief is likely to continue dangling the promise of wealth as new fees and taxes are siphoned away from the target, slowly draining away what a person spent a lifetime accumulating, including vehicles and homes. And once a victim’s resources are gone, recovery is highly unlikely, leaving that person without the means to support retirement. At this point, an elderly victim may have no choice but to move in with children, creating an unexpected financial expense that could have been avoided.

The key to stopping these criminals is awareness. Go to: to learn more about how to prevent you and your loved ones from becoming the next victims of these nefarious scoundrels.

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