Encrypted Messaging

Encrypted messaging.

A number of recent digital security issues have prompted businesses to create hardware and software solutions to counter unwanted intrusions. One particular business seeking to improve the security of electronic messaging also happens to be a well-known postal organization.

Deutsche Post is now offering a free instant messaging application for smart phones called SIMSme. Designed to protect electronic communication from prying eyes, SIMSme offers end-to-end encryption and password protection of transmitted messages, photos, and videos. As soon as a message has been received by the intended recipient, the message is deleted from company servers.

SIMSme users can also upgrade their app experience by purchasing a self-destruct feature for sensitive messages and photos for $1.20. This added feature will be included free of charge for the first 1 million individuals to download the app.

Strong demand for the new app has surpassed the expectations of its developers, causing some of its users to experience problems with installation and use immediately following the initial release.

As concerns over messaging privacy continue to grow in an increasingly digital world, opportunities for organizations to create effective countermeasures may offer significant future potential.

Do you think the Postal Service should offer a similar app for smartphones in the United States?

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