Government Digital Adoption Accelerates Mail Volume Decline

Digital adoption

It’s no secret that digital forms of communication have reduced letter mail volumes at Post Offices across the world. Though some countries have experienced steeper declines than others, the future outlook of mail delivery is expected to remain in decline for the foreseeable future. A recent speech by a Postal Chief Executive Office outlines one of the more prominent catalysts for the acceleration of that decline.

In a recent speech by Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour, the sustainability of future mail service is called into question without substantial operational reforms.  He identifies the loss of 25 percent of mail volume between 2008 and 2012, but anticipates the acceleration of that decline as the Australian government shifts to communicating with the public through digital means.

Fahour states that only 38 percent of the community currently interacts with the government online. The current push within the country to drive 80 percent of all community communication with the government to a digital form could accelerate the current decline in letter volume from its current 4-5 percent per year to a staggering 8-11 percent. He also warns that this expected range of decline has the potential to be far worse than anticipated.

This “digital disruption” is something Fahour identifies as Australia Post’s largest challenge and that “it’s something that we will need to manage carefully over the coming decade, and beyond.”

To read Ahmed Fahour’s speech in its entirety, click here.

Do you think the accelerated decline of letter volume predicted in Australia could occur in the United States?

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  1. Anonymous

     /  September 24, 2014

    It’s already happening…

  2. Postal worker

     /  September 24, 2014

    Yes I agree…….it is already happening. And as mail processing is reduced and eliminated in some areas, I think that will push more people towards digital information and transactions.

  3. grannybunny

     /  September 24, 2014

    Not only has it already happened, but it appears that the rate of acceleration may actually be slowing. That’s why we need to continue to push to provide the best service possible. The upside is that the digital revolution has increased the amount of online sales, growing our package deliveries.

  4. Jonn

     /  September 30, 2014

    Package and grocery shipping are definitely going to replace letter mail in the future. I don’t think people will send mail in the next 20 to 30 years with technology taking over everything, but people will still need items delivered to their homes.

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