Politics and the Mail

Politics and the mail

Political candidates are currently hard at work to secure their place as representatives of American citizens during election season this fall. Most campaigns include a variety of message distribution channels to cast as wide a net as possible to promote their specific positions. When selecting a particular avenue for their messaging, candidates would be wise to include one of the most influential and cost effective channels available.

Mail isn’t a new channel for political hopefuls to share their positions with their constituents, but it is a tried and true opportunity to place the sum of their campaigns into the hands of those with the power to elect them to office. In a modern technological society, however, some candidates may opt to concentrate on digital means of spreading their messages. Those that do risk underutilizing one of the few tools that places physical communication into the hands of voters.

Besides a valuable physical connection with voters, mail avoids some of the pitfalls of modern digital communication. Email spam filters, online streaming channels without advertising, and caller ID might prevent many potential voters from receiving messages that would otherwise allow them to make a more informed choice. Mail on the other hand directly reaches homes in local communities without passing through such filters. It also has the added benefit of specific regional and even neighborhood targeting capabilities.

This political season, candidates who harness the power of mail will wield a distinct advantage over those who concentrate efforts elsewhere. For providing clear communication to voters, there is no more effective or efficient messaging tool than the mail.

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