PMG visits Salt Lake City

PMG Donahoe congratulates City Carrier Larry Allen on his 45 years of service.

PMG Donahoe congratulates City Carrier Larry Allen on his 45 years of service.

During his trip to Salt Lake City, UT, last week, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe visited a radio station, two newspapers, and two television studios as well as the Bountiful Post Office before heading to the Postal Customer Council event.

“We’re in town to recognize the Postal Customer Council here in Salt Lake,” said Donahoe. “Every year we do this, and they were number one in the country so we came out to say thank you.”

Donahoe also addressed future opportunities for the Postal Service moving forward.

“We’ve lost a lot of mail volume, almost 30 percent in the last five years,” said Donahoe. “People pay their bills online because its easy, but we’ve really had a big increase in the package business. We think we can make some big strides that way and we’re delivering packages seven days a week in many markets now. We’ll be doing that here soon and we think that will be a real opportunity for us here in the future.”

Before heading to the PCC event, Donahoe visited the Bountiful Post Office to speak with employees. While he was there, he presented City Carrier Larry Allen with a plaque honoring his 45 years of dedicated service to the Post Office.

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